The Jenny Fibre via Wireless product provides your company with fibre speed connectivity without fibre. Our wireless network is built to a standard that enables us to provide a dedicated throughput at a set contention ratio (the number of others sharing the Internet feed) at our core. This service is available in the centre of Gaborone or in the middle of the bush. We can offer this to your business wherever we have a wireless network. We have three different Fibre via Wireless services available.

  • Dedicated throughput.
  • High speed with very low latency.
  • Low contention ratio. (The amount of other users sharing the same bandwidth supply as your company).
  • Static public routable IP address included. (you can purchase more IP addresses).
  • Jenny Business SLA.
  • Always fast! Unlike other ISP’s, our service does not slow down after the first two months.
  • “Fastest International Traffic in Botswana.”
  • 1 static public routable IP address (more can be purchased)

The problem with Internet in Botswana


Internet Service Providers advertise high speed and dedicated Internet. When you test the service, however, you find it mostly slow with fast speeds very late at night. This is because most Internet Service Providers in Botswana jumped on the bandwagon, trying to please everybody and in turn pleasing nobody. To provide high speed Internet, most providers contend (share) the Internet feed with too many other consumers. This slows your Internet down just like a massive highway full of cars in a traffic jam. Your connection is slow because it is part of the data traffic jam.



Here are some reasons why :


  • They optimise their network for market share, not performance.
  • Their networks are susceptible to abusive usage patterns because they do not have systems in place. This affects your Internet speed.
  • They have high contention ratios (you are on shared bandwidth with too many other customers).
  • They operate hybrid networks that throw businesses in the same pool as high-use consumers.
  • They do not purchase enough international Internet bandwidth to provide their customers with fast access to international websites and servers.


For your business to win, you need the following from your supplier:


  • A network optimised specifically for business use.
  • A network with low contention ratios.
  • A network which you share only with other business clients who have the same usage patterns as you do.
  • A network that’s lightning fast with very low latency.
  • A first-tier supplier who can cater to your stringent security requirements.
  • A network with a fast International Internet connection so all sites are fast!
  • A supplier with fantastic service and local support.


The Jenny Internet solution:


We at Jenny Internet understand how to manage our network so your Internet connection is always fast. We achieve all the above criteria to provide your company with an Internet connection that will allow your business to increase in productivity and profitability


We at Jenny Internet understand how to manage our network so your Internet connection is always fast.  We meet all the above criteria to offer your company an Internet connection that will allow your business to increase productivity and profitability.

Jenny Priority Flow

We provide you with a control panel to shape your own Internet for optimal performance.

Here are the default settings and options available for the different services.



Jenny Priority Flow PDF Document


Fibre via Wireless Pricing

Contention Ratio: 1:1 (100% dedicated) 3:1
100 Mbps P 48899.00 P 38599.00
75 Mbps P 37099.00 P 29299.00
50 Mbps P 24699.00 P 19599.00
40 Mbps P 19599.00 P 15499.00
30 Mbps P 14599.00 P 11499.00
25 Mbps P 13399.00 P 9599.00
20 Mbps P 10999.00 P 7999.00
15 Mbps P 8299.00 P 5999.00
10 Mbps P 5499.00 P 3999.00
8 Mbps P 4899.00 P 3499.00
6 Mbps P 4299.00 P 3099.00
4 Mbps P 2899.00 P 2099.00
3 Mbps P 2199.00 N/A
  • All pricing on this website includes VAT.
  • All pricing is listed per month unless otherwise stated.
  • Existing customers can upgrade to these services mid-contract for the same or a higher price.

FREE setup and installation

  • There are no setup fees or installation costs on this service.   We keep equipment in stock, and should anything happen, we will do what is needed at no extra cost to keep your service active.

  • Businesses can apply for a one week FREE trial.



Monthly Service Discount Option

Pay a year upfront and get TWO months FREE

Get TWO Months Connectivity FREE, If you pay a year up-front for any Fibre Over Wireless service of Jenny Botswana 
Pay for 10 months upfront and get 12 months service. (TWO MONTHS FREE)

Our Guarantee

Get your SPEED or it's FREE!

Too many Internet service providers advertise speed but do not deliver the service promised.
Jenny Botswana has the fastest international traffic in Botswana.
We are so confident in our services that: We GUARANTEE you will get your SPEED or you get it free.
If we cannot deliver the service we advertised we will credit you the whole month.

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