Point to Point is a dedicated wireless link which allows businesses to connect their branches without exposing valuable business data directly on the Internet. A Point to Point link consists of at least two links, one at each branch.

  • Secure,dedicated wireless link for business data.
  • You can use a single Fibre via Wireless Internet connection to stream Internet to all other branches.
  • Jenny Point to Point is an open connection within the company's network and allows the business user to manage the data stream between offices.
  • Various line speeds allows for better link management.
  • Quick upgrading of line speeds.
  • Easy business expansion.
  • Single monthly billing for various branches.

Large business often purchase point to point links for all their branches.  This allows the business to manage their network from a single location.  A single large Fibre via Wireless link at head office can be used for connectivity for the whole company.

Line Speed Price p/m
0.5 Mbps P 600.00
1 Mbps P 1200.00
2 Mbps P 2400.00
4 Mbps P 3750.00
5 Mbps P 4500.00
8 Mbps P 6000.00
10 Mbps P 7500.00

Setup and Installation Costs


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Please Note :

  • Equipment rental is subject to approval by a Jenny Internet.
  • All prices on this website include VAT, all prices listed are per month, unless otherwise stated.
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or alternatively :


Standard CPE Installation :+- P 3499 incl VAT (once off payment)

High Powered CPE Installation :+- P 5000 incl VAT (once off payment)

And Point to Point Router

Router :+- E 1000 incl VAT (once off payment)

Please Note :

  • If extra equipment or labour is needed to complete the installation. You will be notified before work is started and you will be-able to decide if you would like to proceed. We recommend purchasing an internal wireless access point if you would like to connect to your devices on Wi-Fi

Our Guarantee

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Jenny Botswana has the fastest international traffic in Botswana.
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If we cannot deliver the service we advertised we will credit you the whole month.

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